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Puncture Proof Tyres are the sole distributors of Amerityre products in the UK
If you’ve never heard of Amerityre then perhaps we had better explain. Amerityre are the creators of polyurethane foam technology for tyres. They created their first puncture proof tyre back in 1995 and have been busy perfecting them ever since. Now, 15 years later, they’re not only as good as a pneumatic tyre – they’re better.

There's a Puncture Proof Tyre for almost every bike wheel.
Big or small. Thick or thin. Puncture Proof Tyres tyres are used by thousands of people every day.

What's more, Puncture Proof Tyres are even more environmentally friendly than rubber pneumatics - from the moment they're made to the point they're recycled making them the natural choice.

So why risk getting a puncture?
Puncture Proof Tyres let you ride your bicycle without fear of upsetting your journey or pleasure with a tiresome and inconvenient
puncture. Laugh in the face of glass debris, hedgerow thorns and other obstacles, because when you have fitted our tyres you will
have no need for carrying spare inner tubes, pumps or repair kits ever again.

Ready to start saving?
Puncture Proof Tyres offer all this and more:
Perfect balance • Low rolling resistance • Shock absorption • Easy to fit • Will never crack or dry out • 100% recyclable

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